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ETC introduction guide Guide to ETC cards

The ETC system can be used by inserting the ETC card into the in-vehicle device. Drivers cannot pass smoothly through toll gates with only an ETC card. Issuing procedures for ETC systems are carried out through credit card companies since toll fares from toll roads are paid in arrears using functions offered by credit companies. The following card companies issue ETC cards as of April 2009.

  • * Settlement of toll fares is carried out by the ETC card holder rather than the owner of the in-vehicle device.

The 11 companies listed below are ETC card issuers with direct contracts with toll road operators. ETC cards such as partner cards issued by brands other than the 11 companies listed below are also available, please contact the card issuer directly for details.

  • * In addition to the ETC cards above, there is also an ETC card issued by the toll road operator, independently from credit companies.

There are two types of ETC card.

ETC exclusive card

These are cards that are exclusively for use on ETC systems. The card comes only with functions for settling toll fares for ETC on toll roads.

(Private/ corporate cards are available)

All-in-one ETC card

This is an ETC card that is combined with the functions of an ordinary credit card. This card can be used on toll roads as well as at shopping facilities* that accept credit payments.

  • * Facilities that accept credit cards comply with issuer company agreements.

Annual membership fee may be required in some cases.

The annual membership fee may differ according to the credit card type (e.g. Basic, gold*). For details please contact the credit company issuing the ETC card.

  • * Card names differ according to the card company.

Please note that there will be a screening process when applying.

The credit card company will conduct a screening process at the time of application since ETC cards have the same functions as a credit card. Generally, those who already possess a credit card should not have a problem with being issued an ETC card if applications are submitted to the same company, but you should contact the card company for details.

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