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ETC 2.0 Information Providing Services

ETC 2.0 is the world's first I2V collaboration system that offers driving support services enabled by high-throughput bidirectional communication through ITS Spots (antennas) installed alongside the highways.
The system may bring about reduction of traffic volume in specific locations or time periods prevention of accidents and mitigation of the deterioration of roadway structures.
As a result, limited resource of road networks can be used more cleverly, and efficiently in longer period of time.

Information Services

ETC 2.0 provides a wide variety of information transmitted from the ITS Spots.

Safe driving support

How useful it would be to get timely information while driving about traffic conditions at such points of as lane merging or branches in the front!

The system presents visual and audible alerts when there is a falling object found or a hazardous point of lane merging ahead as well as invisible traffic congestion being occurred around the corner, etc. These precautions will eliminate sudden surprises while driving.

Congestion avoidance support

Avoid congestion in Tokyo metropolitan area by knowing traffic conditions in Kanagawa, Tokyo and Saitama when driving home from Hakone to Saitama!

Users can select the optimum route when entering into the metropolitan area from suburbs of Tokyo because ITS Spots provide traffic information for a maximum road length of 1000 km and the user can find out necessary time of each route by using a car navigation device equipped with ETC 2.0.

Support under Disaster

What do you do if there is an earthquake occurred while you're driving on the highway?

The system provides information on assistance when disasters occur. The information includes ongoing situation of disasters and their impacts. Even though disasters are unpredictable, such information helps drivers behave calmly under disastrous situation.

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