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New Services of ETC 2.0

Services Being Offered from 2016

Rates for Ken-o Expressway reduced 20%

Rates for Ken-o Expressway in the Tokyo area will be lowered by 20% starting April 2016.

Simplified application procedure for passage of special-purpose and large vehicles

Traffic and transport can be streamlined by detouring around traffic disruptions caused by congestion, accidents, disasters, etc. when such an incident occurs within the guidance area for large vehicles. What’s more, application procedures for passage will be simplified through the automation of renewal procedures.

Services Planned for the Future

Toll unification for temporary gate exit and reentry

The toll to be treated the same as if the vehicle stayed on the expressway continuously even if it actually exited and reentered the expressway as a result of disaster, accident, or fuel stop.

Discount toll by selecting a route that is not congested

A new service utilizing travel route information is being planned for ETC 2.0. For instance, when heading for a destination using beltways in a heavily congested metropolitan area, the new planned service will offer discounts on expressway toll charges for vehicles traveling on a route that detours around congested area(s).

Services utilizing route information

ETC 2.0 will provide information such as travel route, sudden breaking, and swerving to distribution companies to support operations and delivery management. What’s more, the service will promote smart ways of using road networking by comprehending the routes of special-purpose and large vehicles.

Smooth driving to destination made possible by smart route selection

Ability to select routes will drastically increase as road networks in the metropolitan area develop. Drivers exercising smart route selection by avoiding congestion and accidents according to the current situation may be offered perks made possible by the ETC 2.0 installed vehicle and ITS spot’s capability of gathering and storing such information.

Toll charge payment at parking lots & simplification of ferry boarding

No need to get cash ready. Additionally, information on surrounding shops and services can be distributed through the system.

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