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Easy learning ETC Introduction Process

ETC consists of a card
and an in-vehicle device

ETC consists of a card and an in-vehicle device for increased convenience. This enables the card holder to make payments using their own card when traveling in any car mounted with an ETC in-vehicle device. As a result applications for ETC cards and the purchase/ installation of ETC in-vehicle devices are separate processes, although some shops offer ETC in-vehicle devices bundled with applications.

Applying for an ETC card

ETC cards

First, obtain an ETC card from a credit card company. ETC cards can be obtained privately or by a corporation and can be used only by the respected card holder. ETC cards can be used on any vehicle that is fitted with an ETC in-vehicle device. This system enables the card holder to pay the toll regardless of whether or not they are the owner of the vehicle.

  • * Please note that the screening process for ETC cards is identical to that for credit card applications.

Install the onboard device

Onboard device

The in-vehicle device can be purchased at auto dealers, automotive parts stores and repair shops.
(Installation of the device requires specialized skills and knowledge. Be sure to follow the instructions provided in the installation manual that comes with the product.)

  • * If you purchase the device from a catalog or an online store, you will need to have the installation and setup performed separately. Check with the store for details.


Vehicle information must be inputted into the in-vehicle device. This system is employed so that the appropriate toll will be charged according to the vehicle type. Therefore, the same in-vehicle device cannot be shared among multiple vehicles. Vehicle information in the in-vehicle device is always entered (setup) by the setup shop as this task requires accuracy for security reasons.

  • * Certain shops offer everything from card application to purchase/ installation and setup of in-vehicle devices.

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