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ETC introduction guide Getting set up

ETC in-vehicle devices can be used by entering information on the vehicle you drive in the initial information (referred to as setup*). Setup is mandatory in order to identify the vehicle using the ETC system and to calculate the toll fare.

  • * Setup encrypts information attached to the vehicle such as its number plate and the process is completed by electronically storing the setup card (IC card) containing the encrypted information in the ETC in-vehicle device.

Setup is carried out at the setup shop.

Information to be stored in the ETC in-vehicle device must be highly-encrypted in order to prevent possible abuse (e.g. spoofing) and to protect the ETC user. A registration system for setup shops has been implemented in order to thoroughly check the technical level/ security level of the shop carrying out the setup and to maintain such reliability. As of September 2005 there were approximately 20,000 registered shops (=setup shops) nationwide.

Users must write the required information such as the vehicle information and in-vehicle device information in the "setup application form" provided by the setup shop. Please consult the setup shop for details.

There are two types of setup process

There are two ways to apply for setup and the setup method differs according to the setup shop. Please consult your nearest setup shop for details.

Online setup shop

The information issuer (ITS-TEA) and the setup shop sends/receives encrypted information necessary for setup online. Setup can be completed in the same amount of time it takes to install the ETC in-vehicle device at the setup shop thus rendering the ETC device useable from the date of application, as long as the user has their own ETC card.

Offline setup shop

The information issuer (ITS-TEA) and the setup shop communicate the setup information via FAX or postal mail. Consequently, the time from setup application to completion takes approximately 1 week.

  • * The information issuer (ITS-TEA) charges the setup operators 500 yen(Tax not included) per online setup and 1,000 yen(Tax not included) per offline setup as the cost of developing, maintaining and managing the system necessary for providing setup information (Identification and processing information issuing fee). In addition, the setup shop charges customers a management fee including labor costs generated by the task of storing information in the in-vehicle device, as well as communication line costs, a terminal usage fee, and an identification and processing information issuing fee.
  •   The five expressway companies* and ITS-TEA are conducting an "ETC Popularization Promotion Campaign" until March 31, 2008. Customers who pay the identification and processing information issuing fee 500 yen(Tax not included) charged for setup at stores participating in this campaign may receive aid and a refund through the setup operator.
    • * East Nippon Expressway Co., Ltd., Central Nippon Expressway Co., Ltd., West Nippon Expressway Co., Ltd., Metropolitan Expressway Co., Ltd., Hanshin Expressway Co., Ltd., Honshu-Shikoku Bridge Expressway Co., Ltd.

Please keep the setup application form at hand

Please store the customer's copy of the setup application form safely as it includes the in-vehicle device control number necessary when applying for other ETC services as well as critical information that verifies setup.

  • * When information on the setup application form is necessary: when applying for mileage services, when applying for various services, during re-setup, when changing vehicles, etc.

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