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Easy learning ETC ETC in JAPAN

Watch a short video about Japan's ETC system.

Total Length 9:05 minutes
Opening 45 seconds
Current state of Japanese roads 55 seconds
Japanese ETC system 2:36 minutes
Operation of ETC 3:18 minutes
Advantages of ETC 1:02 minutes
Ending 30 seconds

Filmed with cooperation from:

East Nippon Expressway Company, Limited | Central Nippon Expressway Company, Limited |
Metropolitan Expressway Company, Limited | Denso Corporation | Matsushita Electrical Industrial Co. Limited |
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation | Dai Nippon Printing Co., Limited | Autobacs Seven Co., Limited |
Tokyo Toyopet Motor Sales Co., Limited.

  • * Please note that the information contained in the Installation Manual is not up to date, as the manual was created in 2006.


If the video does not start, then your computer may not have the necessary software installed. Please view the video after downloading the appropriate viewer software.

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  • ETC Safe Driving Guide
  • ETC in JAPAN Watch a short video about Japanís ETC system.

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